International EV Policy Council Policy Briefs

The EV Policy Council is currently working on producing 6 policy briefs on the below topics. These topics were decided upon by the council as areas that are critical for policy makers to address to have a successful PEV market. The 6 briefs are available to download for free from this page. The literature reviews which contain the empirical evidence used to produce the policy briefs also available to download.

For any further information about the policy briefs and literature reviews please contact Dr. Scott Hardman.

Purchase Incentives

Scott Hardman, Tom Turrentine, Jonn Axsen, Dahlia Garas, Suzanne Goldberg, Patrick Jochem, Sten Karlsson, Mike Nicholas, Patrick Plötz, Jose Pontes, Nazir Rafa, Frances Sprei, Gil Tal.

Policy Guide, Lit Review

Reoccuring Incentives

Scott Hardman, Tom Turrentine, Nicolo Daina, Erik Figenbaum, Dahlia Garas, Patrick Jochem, Sten Karlsson, Denis Naberezhnykh, Jose Pontes, Nazir Refa, Benjamin Sovacool, Francis Sprei, Gil Tal

Policy Guide, Lit Review

Information Education and Outreach

Resources coming soon

Regulatory Mechanisms

Resources coming soon

Infrastructure and Electricity Grids

Scott Hardman, Gil Tal, Tom Turrentine, Jonn Axsen, George Beard, Nicolo Daina, Erik Figenbaum, Niklas Jakobsson, Alan Jenn, Patrick Jochem, Neale Kinnear, Patrick Plötz, Jose Pontes, Nazir Refa, Frances Sprei, Bert Witkamp

Policy Guide, Lit Review

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