The Plug-in Hybrid & Electric Vehicle (PH&EV) Research Center launched in early 2007, with the support of the California Energy Commission’s allocation of Public Interest Energy Research (PIER) funds for transportation research. The Center collaborates closely with California utilities, automakers, regulators, and other research institutions such as the Electric Power Research Institute and Argonne National Lab on research aimed at developing a sustainable market for plug-in vehicles.

The Center began with three initial research projects, and with the development of a PH&EV Research Roadmap, identified high-priority research areas for future research, including consumer perspectives and vehicle use, charging infrastructure, fleet market development, battery studies, and the impact of human-machine interfaces on behavior.

Moving forward our research is focused on measuring, monitoring and understanding multiple aspects of the quickly evolving market for plug-in vehicles internationally.

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Job Listing

EV Research Positions at UC Davis: 2-3 new research positions are available at the Plug-in Hybrid & Electric Vehicle (PH&EV) Research Center at the Institute of Transportation Studies at UC Davis. We are looking for post-docs for research on real-world driving and charging behavior and infrastructure needs for plug-in electric vehicles. Post-doc candidates must have strong quantitative analytical skills, experience analyzing large data streams, and/or GIS experience. Candidates must be adept at translating research for city and state leaders, and should have considerable knowledge of PEVs and strong writing and interpersonal skills; some GIS experience and an advanced degree will be an advantage, though not required.

If interested, send a resume/CV and statement of interest to the PH&EV Center Program Manager, Dahlia Garas at dmgaras@ucdavis.edu