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Summary of the Evidence on the Effect of Monetary Incentives on the Sales of Advanced Clean Cars in the United States

By Gustavo Collantes and Anthony Eggert

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Subjects: Incentives, Market, Policy, ZE MAP

Are Plug-In Vehicles Turning the Corner?

By Dr. Tom Turrentine | June 26, 2014

By late this month or early July, Mercedes-Benz is set to start shipping its first mass-produced pure electric vehicle in the U.S. – the B-Class Electric Drive – joining producers like BMW, Nissan and Tesla , Forbes Magazine reported yesterday. Forbes stated this is another sign of the “fast growing plug-in electric vehicle market,” with global PEV sales expected to reach more than “2.7 million units globally by 2018.”

In California, the U.S. and across the globe, we are at a turning point for plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs)—as electric transportation options become technologically diverse and more available and attractive to consumers.

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Subjects: Incentives, International, Market, Policy

Improved energy feedback to drivers can dramatically reduce on-road fuel consumption

By Tai Stillwater and Ken Kurani

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Subjects: Incentives, Market, ZE MAP

DC Fast Charging in the Context of Bigger Batteries

Published by Michael Nicholas, Gil Tal, and Matthew King

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Subjects: Charging, ZE MAP