Policy Briefs and Reports


EV Explorer: Educating and Persuading Consumers with an Online Vehicle Energy Cost Calculator

By Angela Sanguinetti, Kiernan Salmon, Mike Nicholas, Gil Tal, and Matt Favetti

Consumer Energy Interfaces Lab, UC Davis Institute of Transportation Studies

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Subjects: Market, Policy, ZE MAP

Driving the Market for Plug-in Vehicles

Published by International EV Policy Council

Increasing Consumer Awareness and Knowledge

Developing Charging Infrastructure for Consumers

Understanding Financial Purchase Incentives

Understanding Reoccurring Incentives

Subjects: Charging, Incentives, International, Market, Policy

A Review of Consumer Preferences of and Interactions with Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

By Scott Hardman, Alan Jenn, Gil Tal, Jonn Axsen, George Beard, Nicolo
Daina, Erik Figenbaum, Niklas Jakobsson, Patrick Jochem, Neale Kinnear,
Patrick Plotz, Jose Pontes, Nazir Refa, Frances Sprei, Tom Turrentine, and
Bert Witkamp

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Subjects: Charging, Market, Policy

Incentives to Promote Plug-In Electric Vehicle Adoption: An Introductory Guide

Published by Scott Hardman, Tom Turrentine

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Subjects: Charging, Incentives, Market, Policy, Research Report, ZE MAP

City of Vancouver EV Infrastructure Strategy Report

Published by Dahlia Garas, Gustavo O. Collantes, and Michael A. Nicholas

The role of the local government in supporting the growth and maintenance
of a strong plug‐in electric vehicle market in Vancouver is evaluated in
this report. This report identifies areas of action in which a local
government, such as Vancouver, can impact their region based on a thorough
understanding of the current plug‐in vehicle market, international
demonstration projects, and research efforts. Specifically, workplace and
public charging is needed to reinforce and fulfill the gaps from home‐based
charging in dense urban regions. Local government can encourage
investments in workplace and public charging by providing clear regional
guidelines for installers and customers, providing appropriate incentives
to businesses, allowing for an innovative marketplace in the vehicle
charging industry, and collaborating with the regional utility to identify
specific opportunities for optimization and encouragement of utility rates
and vehicle‐grid interactions.

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Subjects: Market, Research Report, ZE MAP