PH&EV Research Center Director Tom Turrentine an Author of New National Research Council Report on Overcoming Barriers to EV Deployment

A three-year, congressionally mandated study sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy has found that “vehicle cost, current battery technology, and inadequate consumer knowledge are some of the barriers preventing widespread adoption of plug-in electric vehicles.”

The final report was issued on April 22, 2015 by the National Research Council, one of four institutions that make up the National Academies. Sitting on the 15-member council committee that issued the report was Tom Turrentine, Director of the UC Davis Plug-in Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Research Center.

“The PH&EV Research Center focuses on the role of consumer knowledge in expanding the market for EVs,” said Turrentine. “This committee also came to the consensus that consumer knowledge is critical for widespread adoption of plug-in vehicles,” he noted.

Turrentine emphasized that “UC Davis will continue our research on consumer knowledge, attributes and motivation. Consumer-focused tools, like the UC Davis-developed EV Explorer, are one way that we can help consumers better understand the technology and how an electric vehicle can benefit them.”

To access the National Academies press release and a pre-publication copy of the full report, “Overcoming Barriers to Deployment of Plug-in Electric Vehicles,” click here.